Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Peak Oil means: the End of Suburbia

Now, we can choose not to look at the bigger picture. After all we are all free to think that, hey, cycling is just a fun activity, a sport we practice, it has no context, it is not political, bla bla bla...
Why not after all? I am not worried about the cycling ostriches pushing these theories. They already cycle anyways! The day shit hits the fan, they'll know what to do.

It is the others that I am worried about. This next video continues on the issue of Peak Oil and what it will mean for North American societies. I think it is well worth watching the whole thing.

Whoever is already at ease with the idea of calve-juice fueled vehicles is well damn ahead of the pack. Now this will definitely reconcile the many cycling gangs once for all.

And I say: bring it on! Just cannot wait for the show to begin!


Watch part one of the serie - "Peak Oil: How will you ride the slide?"
Watch part three of the serie - "How to survive Peak Oil: the power of community"

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