Friday, August 12, 2011

Not a joke

From the Montreal Gazette:

Actually, this past Thursday, coming down the Boyer bike path, I see the girl in front of me slowly steering out of the path and smashing into one of the parked cars lining the path. She landed on the hood. I was taken aback as nothing had happened: there seemed to be no reason, there was no pothole and no collision occurred. I then thought that maybe she fainted or had some sort of attack. I pull up to her and ask "Are you ok?".
The, girl, still half on her bike, half on the car's hood, was still holding her phone and finishing her texto. Obviously she was unharmed. She barely turned her head toward me and answered, "OH yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me!" all the while texting away!!

Well, I guess we can say, thank God for bike paths where you can do shit like this with little consequences... Or, better, thank God for all of us (cyclists, pedestrians AND motorists) that such folks are choosing to ride bicycles  rather than driving cars...

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