Friday, August 5, 2011

A night out

We stepped out on one evening to get some fresh air and enjoy the city.

Cruised through the Quartier Latin (shitty picture I know). Random on-street bike parking. Not many of them... Well it's Sunday night, what do you want!

We went through a quiet area, nicely planned to slow traffic down. Notice the little space left to allow bicycles through.

These babies stave unwanted traffic off. Just walk or bike!

Forward to ice cream paradise: Le Bilboquet on Laurier. Ad hoc parking in the front, on a very slow night (only seven bikes!).

Then, on to the Nuits d'Afrique festival.

Oh, and all of this on cycle path of course!
Just love this city really...


  1. *sigh* One day, I will have this in San Diego.

  2. That day is coming fast Sam. Cycling is on the rise everywhere.
    Crossing fingers!


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