Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tadam! Meet Batwoman

Ha ha ha!
I am such a weirdo!

Last week, as I was both browsing the latest online edition of Momentum Magazine and noodling around on their website, I came upon an article about how Lululemon had being putting a commuter line ("see me ride") on trial for this fall.
Big shock: I was not aware of this even though I am perpetually lurking around. So I went to the website: rien, nada... some biking leggings... nothing transcendent. Next, I rushed to the nearest store only to find a 198 $ CA price tag on the "see me ride" poncho as well as even more obscene prices on the pants. And that was before the 15% sales taxes.

What a scandal! 198 $ CA is, in my opinion, way too much for what boils down to a fancy trench coat made in Bangladesh! I understand that locally made products require a sales price that allow the seller to make a living but come on!

Funny though, once back home, the "see me ride" items are nowhere to be found on the website. I then started browsing the net and oh boy, were people cruel with this line! Yet they were right: the entire line effectively ended up in the "we made too much" section, i.e. translation: it went on sale because nobody bought it as they found it too expensive and completely hideous.

Then all the sudden, the new sales price was (kinda) more aligned with I am willing to cough up... I dropped by the store again to properly try and evaluate the items. Turns out the poncho was quite to my liking.

I gave it some time and dug the issue a bit.
I am one of those who rides through the stormy summer rains without a care. However, spring and fall have been a whole different ball game, with half-assed solutions: outdoorsy water resistant pants and jacket that make you sweat so bad you might as well have biked in the rain!

A little Internet research turned lots of these:

i.e. glorified garbage bags.
I also found lots of  extremely expensive stuff, such as Madame de Pé and the like. Very good looking but, heu, non merci!

So finally I decided to adopt the bat-winged cycling poncho that I find very nice, comfy and airy: I tend to sweat buckets at the armpits. I hated being all tightened up clothes so the wide wings are awesome. Big hood to put all my hair. I hate bright colours, especially on my bike: cycling ninjitsu all the way! Lights are supposed to be bright. If someone can't see them, their licence should be suspended, period.

One step further into cycling accessories whoredom!