Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guerilla art?

Or not?
I began seeing these towards the end of summer. This one has got to be the fifth one. What is up with that?


I am too lazy to search the net for some groupuscule reinvendication or artist's statement.
But I found a few press articles, all by junk media, especially the Journal the Montréal which is little more than toilet paper, all bitching and complaining about:

- How this person is nothing but a vandal
- How it will be costly to clean up
- How the firefighters can't do their work properly now as they rely on some colour code or whatever
- Yaddi yadda

This is what an original one looks like:

Whatever. Seriously, what-fucking-ever.

Banks just realised the biggest hold-up in financial history. The mafia controls Montréal (this we always knew) but it so turns out it also controls the province and it is sucking the public finances bone dry.
There isn't a street you can walk without endangering your ankles, nor ride without being sodomised by your saddle. Yet, they found millions to build yet another damned highway, autoroute 30, that we of course didn't need. And there is an additional 5 billion going into the construction of yet another useless and unwanted bullshit highway interchange (Turcot).

So plllllllease, don't come whining about how much things cost in here. As for the firefighters, easy fix: engrave pressure info on the borne and give'em all a nice pair of glasses. This at least we should afford!

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