Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tadam! Meet Batwoman

Ha ha ha!
I am such a weirdo!

Last week, as I was both browsing the latest online edition of Momentum Magazine and noodling around on their website, I came upon an article about how Lululemon had being putting a commuter line ("see me ride") on trial for this fall.
Big shock: I was not aware of this even though I am perpetually lurking around. So I went to the website: rien, nada... some biking leggings... nothing transcendent. Next, I rushed to the nearest store only to find a 198 $ CA price tag on the "see me ride" poncho as well as even more obscene prices on the pants. And that was before the 15% sales taxes.

What a scandal! 198 $ CA is, in my opinion, way too much for what boils down to a fancy trench coat made in Bangladesh! I understand that locally made products require a sales price that allow the seller to make a living but come on!

Funny though, once back home, the "see me ride" items are nowhere to be found on the website. I then started browsing the net and oh boy, were people cruel with this line! Yet they were right: the entire line effectively ended up in the "we made too much" section, i.e. translation: it went on sale because nobody bought it as they found it too expensive and completely hideous.

Then all the sudden, the new sales price was (kinda) more aligned with I am willing to cough up... I dropped by the store again to properly try and evaluate the items. Turns out the poncho was quite to my liking.

I gave it some time and dug the issue a bit.
I am one of those who rides through the stormy summer rains without a care. However, spring and fall have been a whole different ball game, with half-assed solutions: outdoorsy water resistant pants and jacket that make you sweat so bad you might as well have biked in the rain!

A little Internet research turned lots of these:

i.e. glorified garbage bags.
I also found lots of  extremely expensive stuff, such as Madame de Pé and the like. Very good looking but, heu, non merci!

So finally I decided to adopt the bat-winged cycling poncho that I find very nice, comfy and airy: I tend to sweat buckets at the armpits. I hated being all tightened up clothes so the wide wings are awesome. Big hood to put all my hair. I hate bright colours, especially on my bike: cycling ninjitsu all the way! Lights are supposed to be bright. If someone can't see them, their licence should be suspended, period.

One step further into cycling accessories whoredom!


  1. I actually sorta like it! But I really like things that are on sale or reduced prices :)

  2. Tres chic! I use a really ugly poncho from campmor, but it was cheap. They work really well as long as you can sinch it low on your waist to prevent the back flying up. I prefer the belt underneath which promotes greater air circulation (especially to the pits!) They don't make you sweat like a jacket and mine protects my hands so that I am cycling under a little tent. The only thing that still gets damp are my feet, which overbooties/gaiters might solve.

  3. "cycling ninjitsu all the way!"

    Black is the new black. Black is not back. Black is always the new black.

    Although red is faster.

    "Lights are supposed to be bright. If someone can't see them, their licence should be suspended, period."

    I'm with ya.


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