Monday, November 7, 2011

Fish and chips...

....Montréal style!
Gave myself a nice little break at the Jean Talon market, in between several errands.


Already you can guess what this is gonna be about...

Yep baby, good old greasy fish and chips, except there was no chips and I prefer calamars and shrimps anyways... Along with this spicy cholesterol loaded mayonnaise. Heat attack guaranteed!

Finally I found the poster I have been looking for the entire summer. Every time I came upon it, I didn't have the camera on me.
The Atwater and Jean Talon market were actively promoting cycling this summer by encouraging patrons to come to the market on bicycle.

They even held events, that I missed unfortunately, including free fix-your-own-bike workshops etc.
Doesn't this dude look totally happy and fulfilled? Look at that smile!

Yeah man, we're happy for you too.
As a matter of fact, people were so happy and fulfilled cycling to the market that if you arrived past 11 am on the weekend, you can't find damn parking anymore!

Well, I guess that's a good problem to have.


  1. Cool poster. It reminds me a bit of the Victory Garden of Tomorrow Posters, although not quite as based in Propaganda. I love finding posters and art with a cycling (and food!) focus.


  2. Yep, there is something vintage-like about this poster. I was trying to see if I could actually get one; if I have any info, I'll share!

  3. I'd love a copy of that poster as well.

    There has been a significant increase in parking at JTM, with the addition of another rack at the southwest corner (Casgrain near Shamrock fish - the OTHER fish place) and a set of racks on Mozart just south of the market, between Henri-Julien and Casgrain. About time!

    Mmm, fried fish and seafood. Guess we just have to pedal it off, eh?

  4. They do not seem to be giving those posters away. I tried to contact them but they answered back by referring me to a website.
    And no I did not pedal off all that mayonnaise, but who cares?


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