Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ugh, gross!

I can't believe people can be that rude and gross.
When coming out of the museum earlier today, I found this in my basket:

Ugh... Something that I don't ever eat myself... Still half full...

Is it that hard to walk a few fucking feet and drop this junk in a garbage bin? And, no, I can already hear you thoughts, my basket my not be hot but it does not look like a garbage bin!

The worst is yesterday, the same thing happened! I stepped out of the bike for a second for some errand, and someone had left a disgustingly greasy discarded subway wrap. Ugh!

What is up with people these days... It had never ever happened before. I have had this basket for a few months now.


  1. When I had a basket, disgusting foods and cigarette packets always got thrown into it. For some reason it was always crap like McShite and Doritos - not even better-quality chips. (I doubt those are actualy any better for the health, but at least they don't have the day-glo seasoning in Doritos).

    I don't happen to have a basket now, because I have Dutch panniers and with both a basket and panniers, it is very hard to park at much of the bicycle parking available here. Yours is very pretty and looks large enough to carry quite a bit of stuff.

  2. The basket is particularly useful in fall and spring because of all the gloves, scarves, hats, ear muffs et al.
    Otherwise, I can do without!

  3. I to have the same problem in Boston - I would find half drunk cups of take -out coffee, empty cigarette packs and scratch tickets in my basket all the time. Gotta wonder what goes on in some peoples heads. Maybe I should start treating cars the same way.


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