Thursday, November 3, 2011

And indian summer ballade

This is going to be a picture only post.
They date back from the early October indian summer days. That was my last week-end before the surgery and my last "ride" of the season. "Ride" as I rarely get on my bike to wander around these days. But this time, we did.
We noodled around the Mile-end, Université de Montreal campus and Outremont area. Stopped here and there. And it all ended, if I remember well at the Bilboquet on Bernard st. for the best ice cream in town.



  1. Imperfect infrastructure, to be sure, but I certainly wish we had that Côte-Ste-Catherine cyclepath when I was studying at Université de Montréal! Several close calls on that downward swoop, with speeding cars.

    I do hope the ridiculous ends of the path under the tunnel along St-Urbain between Petite-Italie and Mile-End will be worked out someday, as well as all the other ridiculous viaduct passages between la Petite-Patrie and Le Plateau/Mile-End...

    Bilboquet or Havre aux glaces? Not that I have a dog in the fight; I don't care for sweets and have only been to Bilboquet for coffee, when on avenue Bernard. Happy rest of the autumn!

  2. Bilboquet all the way girl!
    Those improvements you are mentioning will only become a reality when we vote for the right people in 2013!


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