Monday, October 3, 2011

In the Ghetto

In the last post, I had quite an outburst of vulgarities and curses.
Hum, well I am not apologizing. I admit it was not very elegant but hey, this not a column here, it's a blog, a private one at that. And the issue was quite serious. I am totally bewildered by the level of incompetency we have to put up with sometimes.

Well, this post will be a lighter and nicer one. A photo-balade through the Ghetto.
When I was still in U, this used to be the name of the residential area around the McGill campus. That, of course, was in the days before the regressive ban on cycling around campus.

All photos random. Taken around 3 pm, outside of rush hour. Comments to a minimum. All right, let's start!

University St. corner with Milton.

University St. bike path, going down towards Sherbrooke St.
Notice the shitty road quality. This city is crumbling apart really.

Bixi station on Milton St.

Corner of Milton St. and Parc Av.

The Montreal Urban Ecology Centre.

Looking onto Prince Arthur St. (I think) westward.

This below is the reason why painted lanes are absolute bullshit.

Another Bixi station, only one or two blocks away from the one above.

A serie of random shots in the area, i.e. I can't remember where!

This lane below branches out from the renovated Des Pins interchange but I never figured out where to take it!

Finally, back to McGill's Eastern entrance, corner of Milton St. and University St., exactly where I had the car in bike-box incident.

Make no mistake...

Even though it looks like they relate to the construction work next to it, the real point of the wire fence is to prevent/discourage cycling through campus...


  1. The real reason of the fence is building problem. McGill wants to avoid pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to not receive bricks on the head. I really like bile lanes but I think the problem on more of the bike paths are taxi drivers. I really hate them. They cut you while they could just wait few seconds before to stop. GRRRrr!

  2. "The real reason of the fence is building problem."

    Officially yeah.

    "I think the problem on more of the bike paths are taxi drivers."

    Taxi drivers are a total hazard to all road users. But at least, we know that, so we can anticipate their moves.

  3. Hello. Nice to meet you. The many pictures of streets look like of Europe. I think there are very neat and civilized.

  4. Nice to meet you too!
    Yes, parts of Montreal really feel like Europe.
    But our cycling is not up to par with Europe yet.

  5. Ah, that's why your title name looks like Copenhagenize, which is a famous blog I very often read. :)

  6. Wow! I can't believe the ghetto. It is so much different (as far as cycling infrastructure) than when I was last there. I love seeing all of those Bixi bikes! I can't wait till next week. Thanks for the tips on what to do when in town. Also, thanks to Lagatta a Montreal for the hang-out tip. I am likely only going to have time to visit the Plateau area, but your suggestions may help on future visits. Is Cafe Olimpico worth a visit?
    Take Care and keep posting pictures from around the city. I'm lovin' them.

  7. @ Peter

    Please, please keep us posted about your impressions.
    I am VERY curious about how Montreal is seen through more neutral eyes, even though it is almost then of the cycling season...


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