Friday, September 30, 2011

The one and only...


... bicycle box of the city is already a mess.
I was rolling on Milton St. approaching University St., hoping to enjoy the newly installed bike box ("sas vélo") facility, so generously provided by the city. How nice, how innovative!

When it was launched earlier in the summer, everybody gloated about it, reporters came and took pictures, police paraded around it to show the populace how they were enforcing the Code, bla bla bla...

Months later, I pull up to see where it is at...

Well, as always, it was too good to be true. Sure enough, some broad had her fat car sitting squarely on the path leading to the box.

I knocked at her window, explaining as nicely as I could that she was blocking the $%#@? way and she needed to move from there. She barely got off her $@\%# cell phone to tell me off, invoking some emergency or whatever.

I had plenty of time to cross the street, turn around and take the picture of the @#%? broad who had not budged, even though her light was green.

Only after the next round of lights did she finally move her a$$ out of the box, probably as she realised I was taking pictures.

And for those not familiar with the city, the cars behind her are not in line to drive off: they are parked. So she is not in a lane, she actually parked on the ramp to the box.

For the record, I must admit that I have cycled the area quite often since the box was inaugurated. Most cars ignore it and stop on it or in the middle of it. I just never seemed to have my camera on hand at those times to take the proper pictures.

So, to the lady's defense, she is not, by far, the only one shitting on that bike box.
For some reason, the police has stopped parading around it... Just like in everything, as soon as there is no enforcement, hell breaks loose.

Authorities are currently "observing" and "monitoring" the "experiment" to see whether they should extended to the rest of the city.
Ahem! Whatever.


  1. The other day I was pleasantly surprised to see a bike box that is normally populated by a car :( actually empty, with cars politely lined up behind it... I almost fell off my bicycle! :)

  2. Most of the motorists respect the Bike box. I use to go around this place and I'm happy to see the respect of motorists except taxi drivers who doesn't care where they stop. Police has made an opretation to give tickets to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists who doesn't respect the road Code last wednesday. I heard they're supposed to do more opretations like this.


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