Saturday, September 24, 2011

At the market

The other day, on the last stretch of my run, I got to Jean Talon market and noticed this sign:

This is what the sign is referring to: bike parking.

Of course, this parking has been there for a good while now. But it is always nice to see it officialised and institutionalised.

And then surprise! What do I see:

Geez... change is creeping on me!
Are the days of the rattling clunkers counted? NOT!


  1. Bonjour Montrealize!

    Unfortunately I didn't happen to see my bicycle there when you took the photos. She is a black Raleigh Sprite with red flowery Dutch bags. I live five minutes by cycle to JTM, ten minutes on foot.

    Those bicycle racks have been there since the renovation of the market a few years ago, but they have added many more, at the southwestern and northwestern corners of the market (along rue Casgrain closer to Mozart (south) and Jean-Talon (north), and there is a brand new line of racks along Mozart just south of the market. And they are rapidly filling up.

  2. Bonjour Lagatta!

    "She is a black Raleigh Sprite with red flowery Dutch bags."

    Hey! I think I have seen you somewhere in town. The red flowery bags speak to me...

    At some point I stopped biking to the maket because you could never parked! I took the metro for a while. Now that there is more space, I have started coming again.


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