Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back in town


It really seems that time flies from weekend to weekend. Still in a mental honeymoon from last weekend, I made plans to take it more seriously this Saturday by attending the Expo Cycle 2011. Unfortunately, hubby hijacked that plan by dragging me into all kinds of errands. So we spent the entire day on bike, racing to Home Depot to choose hardwood floors.
I was able to get a revenge though, by forcing a brunch at L'Avenue du Plateau in extremis right before the menu changed to dinner!

This place is the best brunch in town really.

Then on the Sunday, more errands. On our way back we stopped for sandwiches at l'Express St Zotique. Seriously they make best sandwiches in the province!!
If I combine this, the brunch and the two raids at Le Bilboquet, I can honestly say we had a very healthy and nutritionally sound weekend!

Unfortunately, it so happened that the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal was going on at the same time, while the Alouettes played the Tiger Cats also at the same time... If anyone needed a definition of the word "mess", they should have come the the corner of Park and Rachel!

Seen on Canal Lachine...

 Honestly you can not invent these...

[Edited: I added a title!]

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  1. I thought I wasn't familiar with l'Express St-Zotique but it is that dépanneur at the corner of St-Zotique and avenue de Chateaubriand - they do make great sandwiches and also sell fairtrade coffee.

    The eccentric cyclist with his lizard (iguana?) is wonderful.


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