Monday, September 12, 2011

Aftermath: The World Without Oil


Alas, it was too good to be true.
After a long struggle against my sinister addiction, I must publicly admit that I lost the battle. I lavishly relapsed into Peak Oil stuff and the end of the oil civilisation. I deeply enjoy indulging into these kinds of doomsday scenarios...
Am I sick?
Well, I am not totally nutty about it yet, I have not dug out a bunker in my basement in which to store ages of canned food or whatever, but I sure do have survivalist tendencies. Particularly, I started thinking about a bug out bike... This is absolutely scary to me as survivalist folks tend to be extremely right wing which *I am NOT*.

Anyways, here is, for your enjoyment, the latest of my crazes, found random on Youtube...


  1. I enjoy these too. From time to time, I get very nearly obsessed and strategize on how to deal with this sort of future. I'm slowly working on acclimating myself to a world with less energy. I can't say it really is much of a hardship. Lately my focus has been on community building, because while being self-sufficient is quite appealing, I recognize that it is more important to have a community one can rely on.

  2. @ Sam

    I am not there yet.
    Right now, I am more into skill building and figuring out what kind of community I am in, its strengths and weaknesses...


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