Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Le p'tit train du nord" bike trail - Part 3


Now, down to business. it was a very lazy three day weekend. Every day's scenario was pretty much the same.

First, we would treat ourselves to some nice breakfast.


Then, out and about!

Into nice landscapes, part countryside

Part forest

Part lakeside beaches

On day one, we cycled from Ste Adèle Km 25 down to Prévost Km 14. Then we noodled around. Enjoying the day. The old rail stations have been transformed into little tourist information and convenience spots with washrooms, snack, pique-nique tables etc.

In every town along the trail, you can stop in one of these.

The next day, we toured Val Morin Km 37, Val David Km 42, up to slightly before Ste Agathe-des-Monts Km 49. Lazily. Merely two hours after breakfast, we were already brunching at La Vagabonde in Val David, treating ourselves to giant chestnut-walnut brioches with nice cafés au lait.

Yep. Who said cycling would contribute in the fight against obesity? So much for cycling as a sport.

There were not many people on the trail; a healthy mix of sports, families, campers and locals. The pace was quiet and relaxed for most, even for the lycras!

Yep, that's a Po Campo on the rack. Who said weekend escapes cannot be done in style?

In the afternoon, we pulled up to Tremblant. Additional random views:

Yes, that's a swimming pool ladder over there!!

Then, on the last day, we investigated the Montreal-St. Jérôme connection to assess the feasibility of it by different modes: suburban train vs. straight cycling.
St. Jérôme, became a suburb of Montreal as a victim of rampant sprawl. However, it is a little town on it right with a super cute downtown.

We finally found Km 0!

That's all folks! End of the adventure.
To be repeated, some time next year... for real!

Happy Labour Day Weekend! 
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  1. Such a pretty area! Great photo's, and I agree: "who said cycling would help against obesity??!!" Sometimes I think I would loose more weight by staying home and sitting on the couch!

  2. "I would loose more weight by staying home and sitting on the couch!"

    Ahem... LOL, no comment!!!


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