Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yesterday evening, sitting around in a café, patiently waiting for a natural health conference to begin, I meditated over the deeper implications of my post-surgical situation.
No efforts for the next few weeks... Early end of the bike season?


All of my friends and colleagues came in biking, which was such a bummer when if found myself walking back to the metro while everyone cycled away. Ugh.
Through the window, I could see the devil tempting me... And I should answer his call ASAP!!

Well, whoever knows me enough knew it could not happen any differently. Already in the hospital I began using alternative medicine in the doctor's (amused) face. Then, barely out, I didn't take all of the prescribed medication, and dropped the only one I used after two days. The alternatives simply were much more effective.

So here I am, less than a week after the intervention, feeling better than I should after two weeks, staring at my bag, darting envious looks at those on the lane.

Come on, this is too pathetic. I shall try it out before the end of the week!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you were sidelined. I hope you are feeling better, and have been able to get back onto the saddle.

    Also hope the St-Urbain bicycle lane gets "restored" after its supposedly temporary closing due to the infrastructure work on avenue du Parc which is rerouting the express bus. And that it is upgraded, as it has been farther south, with better-designed stopping areas for bicycles, buses, and bus users.

  2. You've got quite an eye my dear!
    Yep, that's St. Urbain there from the window. I NEVER ride this street to be honest, I am perfectly ok between Bréboeuf and Clark, because I hate the bus/bike tango we have to do. And I find the portion past Sherbrooke simply too damn dangerous.


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