Friday, October 14, 2011

Undress Peter to dress Paul - part 2

Additional local examples.

This  portion of the Berri Street is wide enough to welcome a cycle path: it is three lane wide each side for a portion of road in which traffic is not that intense and should not anyways.

Yet, nobody was brave enough to carve out a cycle path in this giant six lane portion of road located smack downtown. So they took off the sidewalk.

To the point that this stupidly created pedestrians/cyclists conflict caused the death of one cyclist a few years ago.

I hope it is clear to all that pedestrians don't have much choice but walk on the cycle path, which is dangerous as, right before this section, cyclists come down quite a steep slope.

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  1. Well, my wife and I had an amazing time in Montreal. I would like to share some of our experiences observing and taking at least a small active role in cycling in the same neighbourhoods I used to ride in, using Bixi, etc. Not sure if the comment section is the best place to leave a longer than short recount. Let me know. I can say it short and simple. I am in love with Montreal all over again.


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