Sunday, November 27, 2011

At the end of the lane

This a lane that I rarely take.
Even though it is the second closest to where I live, I kind of dread having to ride on it.
Can you see why?

Please meet the Viger St. bike lane. Nice design right?
Oh no, not the segregated area, where the dude is walking; this is a footway, not a lane. The lane is right outside of it, between the cars and the blocks.
See it now? Well, me neither!
Why? because bike lanes are just that, nothing but f$@!ing painting on the road and nothing else and, as such, get erased over time due to, among other things, cars rolling on it over and over.

Of course, some portions of it are in a better state, it is not Irak (yet)... Oh, there it is, the "lane" re-appeared!

Not Irak (yet) but slowly and surely getting there! Anyways...
Does it matter? Well maybe not as the "lane" disappears again! Where?  Under the f%$#ing cars' wheels...

Ah, there it is again!

Well, kind of... more like the anemic remainders of it!

And on the way back, on McGill?
Well, if cars can roll on the bike lane with full impunity... 

Why not squarely  park in it?

Does it show that I prefer paths than lanes? Ahem...

Well, the real question is rather, what was I doing on that road, if I hate it so much, and what is the title "At the end of the lane" all about?

Mystère, mystère...
To be continued, la suite, au prochain épisode!

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  1. "Oh, there it is, the "lane" re-appeared!"

    That bit can easily be rehabilitated by painting red slashed circles over the bike symbols.

    "Why not squarely park in it?"

    I advise a trials bike. If it's in the lane, it must be intended to ride over. Just stands to reason.


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