Saturday, November 5, 2011

Through the downpour

Earlier last month, we had one of the last "summer rains" so typical of the area: sudden, violent storms in which the Gods of anger lecture us on who's the boss in here.

However, sometimes, you really need to get out anyways and go about your business.

Particularly when we're talking about sausages. That day, I needed sausages. Sausages are so essential... What wouldn't you do for them?

So I kitted myself out, maxi rain gear (sort of), and there I was, the (almost) only cyclist out there on this liquid sunday morning.

Pretty sad day...



Well, not quite!

Whatever pedestrians caught outside were hurrying like little rats.

Empty Old Montreal is always quite a sight.

One of the shittiest cycle designs in town: nobody ever turns, most people go straight ahead and this area is loaded with pedestrians all the time!

Off to Atwater market.


Here I come!

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