Saturday, August 13, 2011

Health connection

Caught in Alexis Nihon the other day:

Is Pharmaprix (Shopper's Drugmart) promoting health (and cycling) for once, instead of just profiteering on disease like most of Big Pharma?
Anyways, as long as it contributes to creating the right Zeitgeist, I am all for it!

And they got it right, to the T:
Racial diversity, no freaking helmet, nice casual clothes, big smile, healthy looking beautiful girl, wind blowing in the hair, wicker basket with fresh flowers. Purrr-fect!

How is it that a non-cycling entity with no stake in the cycling issue can manage to come up with such a perfect  image while the very cycling organisations supposed to advocate for us all cannot?

I give Pharmaprix an A+.

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