Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I 'm biking in the rain!

Love these two pictures both courtesy of Montreal Cycle Chic.


Because it so happens that I got caught under that very same downpour early June, on my way back from the Bilboquet on Laurier. Came back soaked up.
Actually, since real *summer* kicked in, I found myself caught in every single downpour, carrying groceries, going the the market or to appointments. Every time, I came back drenched down to the underwear.

So what? I am not dead.
As long as I am on a segregated cycle lane, who cares? My bike got to enjoy a nice wash down. I got a nice shampoo and shower, tropical spa style. Salad got an advance tossing. The cheese might not have appreciated though.

Tonight it's pouring outside again.

Supposed to drag until tomorrow. Will I get caught in it again?
Oh well, c'est la vie.

UPDATE (10-08-2011): I did.

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