Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to survive Peak Oil: the power of community

Last part of the Peak Oil serie. This one is a pretty long one: one hour!
If you can, it would be very educational to watch from beginning to end. It builds up on the little introduction video "How will you ride the slide?", as well as on the documentary "The End of suburbia".

Basically, the problems evoked in "The End of suburbia" have already been experienced by Cuba but on a smaller scale and for different reasons. Yet, that experience is absolutely relevant in regards to what is coming our way. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba, who used to receive oil directly from there, found itself stranded for energy and had to make do from one day to another with almost no oil.

I strongly advise watching the entire documentary, yet if only transportation issues interest you, they start at 37:17 and ends at 40:00.


Watch part one of the serie - "Peak Oil: How will you ride the slide?"
Watch part two of the serie - "What Peak Oil means: the End of Suburbia"

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