Sunday, December 11, 2011

At the end of the lane - part 3

Last part of the sucky bike-lane expedition.

Contrary to appearances, I am very in favour of the Occupy Montreal's ideas. I disagree on the vector or the vehicle chosen to bring those wishes into reality. Obviously, this movement has nothing to do with Mai 68, la Révolution Tranquille or the Arab Spring and has not intention to become either.
Yet, you do not fight a system from the outside. Either you play the game from within or you die. So far, as far as Montreal is concerned, the movement has died, or so it seems.

More pictures.

The bike lane goes around the square and comes back towards home. Which it what I did, disappointed.

2012 will be a big election year for the province. We'll see who managed and  who failed to convince who, and whether this protest movement can translate into anything concrete politically, i.e. whether these ideas ever reached beyond the clique of like-minded people.

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