Saturday, December 10, 2011

At the end of the lane - part 2

Second part of my adventures on the sucky bike lane.
I am one of those who think cycling is a political act; it is a statement that positions the cyclist socially, geographically, psychologically and politically.
In this case however, I was proven wrong. I was all excited at the idea of what I was going to find at the end of the lane. Alas!
At the end of that lane was the Occupy Montreal encampment.

Oh boy! I am not sure of what I expected, but this had to be the least political thing I have attended in years. Mind you, it was on purpose. The whole was specifically put forward as an apolitical movement.
Results? Nada. Oh yeah, they got kicked out from the place and that's it. I heard they relocated somewhere else... Whatever.

Any lessons to be learned from this? Maybe this one: Nothing comes out of non-political movements. My take of course.
A few pictures.


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