Monday, July 25, 2011


The other day, on my way to the library, I took a few pictures.

Along the Berri bike path. This lane dates back from the 1980's and boy does it show! It could definitely use some renovations.

Plenty of people, as the segregated lane gives them confidence that traffic can never get into them.

As casual as casual can get.

 Almost empty Bixi station, busy day...

Bicycle share, more popular than ever!

The library bike parking lot.

Ste Catherine, pedestrianised for the summer. No bicycles allowed as the little "walk you bike" green signs says.

Whatever, seriously!! We can perfectly share that space. Police never enforces this nonsense anyways. When the crowd gets too thick, i.e. Friday/Saturday nights, people will naturally step down and walk/parks their wheels. Nobody needs to tell them... you could not get through anyways!

 Yep! territories are clearly marked. The is Beaudry metro station, the Village's core.

No ambiguity possible.

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