Thursday, July 21, 2011

On identifiying criminals

On June 26th a 67 years old lady, riding her bicycle in Bécancour along road 132, was aggressed by two criminal motorists. The car pulled close to her and the front passenger, extending his arms, pushed the lady to the ground. She suffered minor injuries.
Other motorists, who had witnessed the scene, took down the license plate as well as other relevant details and all that information was communicated to the police. The owner was tracked and the car was found all right. It belongs to some 21 years old.
Now, one would think that now on, the investigation would run smoothly right?

Well, no. Because, you know, they cannot identify the criminal. You know, how exactly do you determine who was really sitting in the car? Because, of course, when one owns a car, there is a gazillion people susceptible of using it. Everyone, especially in Quebec, leaves their keys on the dashboard, everybody is welcome to randomly jump in any car they see parked along the road, go for a ride and return it later... so common!

Sounds familiar? Remember how this asshole had to turn himself in before the police would do anything?

Well there you go. Welcome to the reality of motorists impunity, unconcerned police, and soft-assed traffic and criminal laws.
Next time you're a victim, make sure you take a clear picture of the criminal. In action, if possible. Better even, ask them to freeze a pose in their nicest profile, Cosmo style, so the police does not have to make any freaking effort in identifying the asshole. Cos' well all know that's a victim's responsibility. Lest the police does any work, that's not their job.

Seriously, unless we all start carrying video cameras to prove bullying and aggression, I think we are in to be road victims for a long long time...
Dominic Ratthé is totally appalled. Hang in there baby, we ain't seeing the end of this yet.

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