Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer in Winter

As all of you East coasters have probably noticed by now, we have somehow skipped Spring to jump straight into Summer. Crazy!
Of course, this is not gonna last, next week we'll be down into the 10 degrees again. Yet, we've hit the 23 degrees, top record for a day in March!

So this weekend, we went out and as expected, all the fair weather cyclists were out and about, along with anyone fed up with winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves etc.

Some images.

Once past McGill University campus, onto Parc Avenue up to the Tam-Tams where a community of Montreal's drumming folks gather every Sunday morning.

On the East side of the road, the bike path, crowded with everything except cyclists.

My bicycle, getting some sun, enjoying the weather (Yeah, that's Po Campo bag right there along with a sucky Nantucket basket that I do not recommend).

Hubby's old love transportation bike.

 Drummers at it.

Then back to serious business...

Which means rounding off the day with nice sandwiches (forgot to take pictures) and lovely mango-lychee smoothies.

Who said you can't ride AND eat all at the same time?
With a basket, yes you can!


  1. I'm into slow food and slow cycling, so see no reason to eat while cycling. I'd rather savour both, in turn.

    Nearby, if you like savoury pies, there is Tourtière australienne, just north of Mont-Royal on avenue du Parc. And of course, good buys but large crowds at Supermarché PA!

    Contente de voir que monsieur Montrealize possède une bicyclette normale...

    1. To enjoy the sun! Thanks for the references, I'll check them out.
      M. Montrealize n'a pas encore posé ses augustes fesses sur son super vélo! À suivre au prochain épisode...

  2. That'll look fantastic when the leaves are on the trees. It's been so long I have forgotten how beautiful Montreal is.
    I used to be there mostly in the winter for Habs games so I never did see the city much in the nicer weather.

    1. You missed the best; you must correct this ASAP!!

  3. Wilson, don't let another summer go by without a visit. Montreal is incredible in every season, but riding there from April to November is great. I waited too long to go back and after my trip there last fall, I am now trying to plan a return trip every year...Just wish the Expos were still there.
    Peter the shots of Tam Tam Jam Jam.


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