Monday, March 12, 2012

First "ride" of the year

Sunday was the first weekend with both sunshine and nice temperature. We we fortunate enough to have a beautiful bright day with up to 11 degrees.
We hopped onto our bikes and pedaled off to our first brunch of the season.

The so called "Réseau Blanc" or White Network was totally disgusting, full of litter, junk as well as all kinds of poo. On some sections, blocks of unmelted (and disgusting) snow blocked the way.

Solution? Well, on residential areas we took the street, and on busy roads, we rode shamelessly on the sidewalk. End of story.

Finally we got to L'Avenue around 9h30 which allowed us to beat the crazy 1h lineup that starts around 10h.
Once seated, tradition being what it is, we ordered the same old routine we've been having since forever.

Delicious oeufs bénédictines of course!

Freshly squeezed orange juice.

An entrée of fruits.

My oeufs bénédictines à la Bretonne.

My husband's oeufs bénédictines chorizo II. As you can see, this is how a roadie prepares for a hard upcoming season.

And then, after a two hours respite walking around to digest a bit, we finished off the orgy with some cupcakes and expresso.

What's not to love about cycling?

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  1. Didn't know that old, semi-melted snow had a proper name. I'll remember that.
    Heading to Ottawa this weekend and I will see if there's any Réseau Blanc kicking about. None in Hamilton though - we never really had any snow this winter.


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