Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gearing up!

While I just got my modest wheels back from the shop, somebody around here is getting ready for some action!
Indeed, we've started to get temperature in the 10 degrees, enough for the rats to come out of their holes. Now of course, spring is not here yet, let alone summer but hey! If the temperature is right... Off we go!!

- Cycling tops

- Cycling bib


- The diaper inside the bib (a.k.a. le chamois)
It REALLY looks like some female menstrual protection... And the fact that no underwear goes inside said bib REALLY reinforces the comparison. Ewww... Anyways!

- Big-ass derrière

- More gear: odometer and cardiac monitor.

- The man inside the bib. Meaty boy isn't he?

- Actually the big ass, diaper effect is not so bad...

- The man, fully dressed.

We are supposed to get around 17 degrees later this week. I'll try to document the first outing of the man.
Tomorrow is brunch time, the first since the winter settled. Let's see what pictures I can bring back.

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