Saturday, June 9, 2012

Share the road

This year again, Vélo Quebec is campaigning for a courteous sharing of the road by all users. Experts have already given us a piece of their minds on the "sharing the road theory" but hey, everyone is free to be wrong and years behind. Too bad this misconception is perpetuated on public funds... Ahem...

Well, despite these shortcomings, some elements of the campaign are interesting. Please note they are exactly the same as last year! They are just being recycled.

"They get along so well in our garages. Why not in our streets?"

The main TV spot.

"Être visibles" (Be visible) 

The most important one: Get freaking lights, goddammit!!

 "Rouler avec enfants" (Cycling with children) 

Very important to address this issue and get kids on bikes as soon as possible.

The rest is hogwash, you can skip it!

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