Friday, June 8, 2012

Basket case

I should have known better. That this basket was going to be a total pain in the ass. I did see the reviews on Amazon. But hey, I though mine was going to be different, bla bla bla.

Well no, this one was no different.
Anyways, this basket got shot in less than a year. This particular line within the Nantucket brand, the "Lightship" is a real piece of shit.


Now, I may not have been sweet with it, granted. But nothing beyond the normal and expected use: handbags, jackets, groceries, U-locks, etc. everyday life!

The weakness in this basket is actually structural: the fibers are flimsy and are just not solid enough to hold any decent weight. 

However, if anything is to be taken out of this, I realised that I cannot do without a basket. I do have tons and lots of accessories, bike bags etc. but there is no replacing a basket. Especially in Spring and Fall, I dump gloves, scarves, all of cold weather accessories, locks, the camera etc. 
Yet, I am not willing to get one of these wire/metal baskets: 1. they are permanent, and I don't want that  2. they are totally ugly  3. I have front suspension so I couldn't even if I wanted!!

I'll probably get on the market very soon for another basket, but right now I am carefully researching my options for something solid yet elegant. All suggestions welcome, but remember, nothing that attaches permanently to the bike...

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