Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring media review

You know it's back-on-your-bike season when the media start going on cycling as a trend and how-to's, blah blah blah, just like every spring.

A sample:

- The Montreal Gazette
"The way to go", April 19th

- The Ottawa Citizen
"Five tips to get you wheeling" April 25th

- The Globe and Mail
"How to get urban dwellers cycling: make it normal", April 25th

- Openfile
"OpenRoad: 'War' between cyclists and motorists overstated, but casualties are real", May 1st

- La Presse
"Points d'inaptitude: deux cyclistes contestent la loi", February 23rd
"Les pistes cyclables du Plateau seront déneigées l'an prochain", February 24th (This one is CRA-ZY and won't happen)
"BIXI victime de vandalisme... poétique", April 30th
"Le vol de vélo est devenu un crime banal", April 3rd
"New York: les premiers Bixi arriveront fin juillet", May 7th

And there's more.
By the end of May, with bike month round the corner, there shall be more meat in the articles, with plenty of controversies and polemics.


  1. "....poétique" Bixi bikes with Serge Gainsbourg lyrics on them? Too funny.

    Oh and speaking of media time for bicycling polemics, Grant Peterson has been on NPR here in US bitching about road bikes. I'm sick of his preaching and we will trade him to you for Lululemon.

    1. LOL!
      I am not sure I'll be better off in that trade...


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