Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bikes and bags (suite)

Then one day, I somehow clicked on one of these random links which took me to the Po Campo website. Honestly, and I don't receive any money from them, it is the best thing that has even happened in my "cycling career" (whatever that means).
Those bags are just awesome. Take a look at those pictures from last summer.

Crazy no? Stylish, fresh, summery, roomy etc. You name it!
Yet not perfect...
When you add the 3rd bottle of wine coming back from the store, the bag gets all tipsy...

Sadly collapsing on one side....

Well, you get it, right.
This is NOT a grocery bag. It is a lady's hand bag. So packing it too much with the wrong stuff does NOT work. Especially if said bag does not sit directly on the rack but on an uneven pair of locks, LOL!!!
But it also means that the whole yoga mat thing won't fly either. This is NOT a gym/yoga/whatever bag: it is a hand bag!
Just my opinion of course, but based on quite some experience....

This Po Campo Logan Tote is the old model. It has been totally redesigned (not sure what was wrong with the previous design). The new one seems shorter at the base (which is good as this one is longer than my rack) which makes it possible to attach it to the rack at the front and at the back. It also looks taller and roomier. The base looks floppy instead of sturdy so the bottom of the bag droops. It's "vegan", whatever that means (couldn't care less about that one!).
 The new collection is totally diaper oriented which is cool. As an new auntie, there may be one gift or two in the pipe...

Since last summer, I have bought two additional bags:

1. The Loop Pannier, i.e. the professional/computer bag (that can  NOT hold any of my computers) that I use the most. Folks, this is the ultimate bike bag.

2. And, ahem, a second Logan Tote, brown just like the Loop Pannier above, so I have one for the summer and one for the winter. No comment.

Compare this:

Versus this!

 And it is not just a fine urban companion,

It does handle quite well in a country setting!

They are very sturdy. I have already thrown the yellow Logan in the washing machine more than once and it fared pretty well. The pictures above are post-wash.

UPDATE: Went to Dumoulin Bicyclettes today. By the way (and I am not getting paid here either), they are the best urban cycle shop or rather boutique in Montreal!! They have everything from foldies, to cargo Babboes, to Levi's commuter pants, to Batavus/Linus/Gazelle/Opus, to a complete selection of Brooks saddles, grips, bags, tools etc., to... well, yeah... Po Campo bags!! Starting this Spring they are stocking this brand with the latest collection. And they managed it so it is cheaper for me to buy directly from them rather than ordering on the Po Campo website. Good for all of us.
So I could not resist and bought yet another one, this time for my sister, as a gift.

Check it out! It is exactly as I described above.

Lovely! I hope she likes it.

Anyhow, these bags have solved (almost) all of my carrying problems.
"Almost" because there are issues only a basket can solve. Soon, when I find some free time (I am desperately busy these days!!) I shall write about the freaking Nantucket basket that died on me in less than a year!

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