Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hell will freeze over...

...before something like this is even envisaged in here. Such concepts would just curl our North America neurons. Especially in Quebec where people drive like they own the streets.

There is it, as seen on Copenhaganize!


  1. Ya ever notice how when some drivers say, "Cyclists act like they own the road," what they really mean is, "Cyclists should get out of my way, I own the road!"?

  2. The cluelessness is mindnumbing!

    Yesterday I read in the Arizona Republic that a 69-yr-old motorist hit a cyclist as he walked his bike through a crosswalk (as is the law). The motorist looked to the left but not the right (the law says look both ways) and made the turn, somehow never realizing she hit the cyclist, who required hospitalization for a broken clavical. No harm, no foul; she simply forgot to look. Apparently, she will not be charged since it was an accident.

    It's not that I want this woman jailed for the rest of her life or for her to loose her home but no charges? Not even suspend her license? When I learned to drive the rule of thumb was that your car is also a dangerous weapon if you don't follow the rules of the road and drive responsibly. Is it too much to ask that someone look both ways when making a turn at the stop?

    But of course, in Arizona, you can shoot and kill the guy walking behind you if you "feel" scared.

    1. Quebec is just the same. There must proof of criminal intention before anyone can be jail. It is always "accidents".
      Bottom line, you can murder all you want as long as your weapon is a car and you can disguise the whole thing as an "accident".

  3. Ha! Those are good.
    They would be so wildly unpopular in Canada. People just wouldn't get them.


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